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Dexim is a worldwide registered brand manufacturing an extensive line of accessories and applications compatible with various popular consumer electronics, including Apple’s iPhone, iPod, and iPad .

Currently selling in over 45 countries, our mission is to provide consumers with affordable products that offer an enjoyable, personalized, and superior experience. Earning numerous accolades and awards, we strive to continually produce innovate products that help keep users powered, protected and connected in style.

Our success is owed to powerful R&D, marketing, procurement, and manufacturing teams that seamlessly work together. Focused on researching and providing more practical and energy efficient technologies, we are in prime position for perpetual growth and progress.

Bescherm en boost je iPhone in stijl!
€ 59,95
bluepack-s4-voor-de-iphone3gipod-touch - Model# DCA087


Case met batterij en standaard.
€ 69,99


Be A Head Case of iBottle opener
van: € 24,95
voor: € 12,45
iphone-4-case-met-flessenopener - BEADM01-4-B


Dubbele iPod / iPhone docking


MHub Dock Station voor de iPhone en iPod
€ 59,99


Voor iPhone3GS/3G/iPod/touch
van: € 54,99
voor: € 49,99